An MC Insight

So.. I guess we can start with the cheesy introduction. My name’s Michelle! I’m a sophomore telecounselor here at MC and was crowned with the glorious role of Tumblring. Pretty legit.

I’m really pumped. Tonight is Meet IT/ISEC on the caf patio. This pretty much kicks off general rush; all freshmen and transfers get to meet the tribes and clubs and mingle. ON TOP of free food. College student heaven. I’m really excited to be on the other end of rush this year. I’m a part of Nenamoosha Social Tribe, and had such an awesome time getting to meet so many girls last year through the rush process on top of meeting a lot of upperclassmen who just totally and completely invested in me. I’m excited to be the investor verses the investee this year. I’ve met some awesome freshmen on campus already.

It’s so funny looking back. My senior year, I did not plan on coming to MC. I was going way far out of state because I was ready to get out of Mississippi. I had grown up in a military family, but we stopped moving around towards the end of elementary school. So, I was ready to leave Mississippi. I had been here long enough!

I know God has a sense of humor. Although I didn’t plan on coming to MC, I applied here as a “safe” school, in case out-of-state fees were too expensive or whatever else. I had come here every summer for a Christian leadership camp called Super Summer, and the campus had always been gorgeous, but I just didn’t want to stay in Mississippi.

So my dorm fees were paid for for this out of state school. Everything was set. Presidential interviews for MC came along, and I decided to go for it. What could it hurt? Interview practice was always a good thing. I had no intentions on going here still. The admissions counselors were wonderful, my MC Scout was amazing, and the campus was always gorgeous every time I came. However, it still wasn’t for me.

May was coming closer. It’s funny how so ready you are to leave, and the closer you get to graduation, the more you start to evaluate your future. Wow. I was growing up. Legit growing up. What a crazy thought.

The closer I got, though, the more I didn’t have a peace about where I was going to school. I found that… I had completely gone autopilot my senior year. I had found myself not even going to my Heavenly Dad about this decision at all. This was a big deal. Yeah, yeah academics are a huge part… but I mean this was going to be where I lived for four years. This was where I was hopefully going to make lifelong friends and meet my future bridesmaids. It also was where my parents’ faith would no longer be my own.

That night, April 23rd, 2010, exactly one week before I had to finalize scholarship, I earnestly prayed to my Heavenly Father asking for clarity in a decision that would glorify Him. I knew that didn’t necessarily mean a Christian University, but I was freaking out. I had one week to decide, and where I thought I wanted to go was no longer at the forefront.

The very next day, this out-of-state school emailed, not called, but emailed me stating that all freshmen scholarship had been docked in half because alumni hadn’t come through for scholarship. Major freak out. I called my mom, while at school, stressing major about this unfortunate circumstance. Within two hours, right before lunch, my admissions counselor Wesley Bonner called me.

“Michelle, I see on your facebook page that you’ve already declared your school elsewhere, but I have awesome news. You’ve been bumped up from Presidential with Distinction to Trustee. We’ve had one of our top students drop, and you’ve been bumped up.”

Woah… what?! At this point, I was an anxious, nervous wreck. If this wasn’t the post-it note from God I was needing about school, what would be? I was in the middle of French Class, and thankfully my teacher totally understood and let me step out to make some phone calls. I called Wesley back, because he told me I could if I had anymore questions, even if it didn’t involve MC.

I started balling my eyes out on the phone. I hate I do that when I get majorly stressed.

The entire time though, Wesley didn’t mention MC but maybe 3 times, and only because I had directly asked a question. None of my other admissions counselors at any other school had just listened to my story, or my worries. He continually let me know that all of them at MC were there to help, not force a decision. He stayed on the phone with me for half an hour that day, and that Wednesday, I was up for a final tour.

I didn’t choose MC because it was a bump in scholarship money. (Although… MC does an awesome job of providing that.) It was the personal connection. The one-on-one’s every time I visited, the fact that I didn’t hold open one door while I was on campus, or that the professors knew everyone by name and not number…Everything about MC was personal. That was so different than any school I had visited. (Which was 7… yes, that’s a lot.)

The best part is, that’s not just bait to pull students in. Every time I see Wesley, he still waves to me across the quad and asks how life’s going. My professors have all gotten to know me as a person rather than just a student, and the sisters in my tribe have invested in me like crazy.

Although i was in a rut about staying in Mississippi, now I can’t picture myself anywhere else. The friends I’ve made, the memories, you know all that cheesy stuff… it’s all beyond what I could have imagined or wished for. Now starting off as a sophomore, I’m loving getting to invest in freshman just how I was invested in only one year ago.

Next week, we’re having a barbeque at one of my professors’ houses to prepare for our first test.

Needless to say, MC’s not just my school. It’s now my home.

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