A Product of MC

Some girls living on campus joke “well when my grandmother lived in this dorm…” but in this instance it happens to be true.

This is the dorm that I lived in last year, and my grandmother lived in during her time at MC.

My grandparents met at Mississippi college AND my parents met at Mississippi College.  The MC slogan:  ”Find faith, find family, find your future, has a whole different meaning in my family.   Talk about pressure.

Neither of my grandparents graduated from MC but both experienced MC life as students, which often includes finding a soul mate.  Their story involves something about a rainy day on campus and my grandmother’s perpetual lack of planning, more specifically: lack of an umbrella.  My grandfather spotted her (probably across the quad) and like the gentleman he is, quickly supplied an umbrella and a walk back to good ol’ Mary Nelson.�

Here are the proud grands themselves so excited to see me transitioning from High School Bethany to College Bethany.

My parents both attended Mississippi College, where they both graduated with a Communications degree.  Of course, as communications majors my parents had part-time jobs (being the broke college students they were) at the MC radio station and this is where they first crossed paths.  After this meeting in the basement of Avery, the rest is history. And by history: I mean me!

So to recap:

Things to thank God for today: Rainy days and part-time jobs.

Ok. So clearly there is some family history with Mississippi College and some might say that is enough reason to choose this university.  As an adventurous  17 year old from Byram Mississippi that was certainly not enough reason to attend a college only 25 minutes from my hometown.  I mean you can basically see MC from my backyard. �

Thankfully, I felt obligated by the close proximity to attend an MC preview day.  I left Mississippi College that day feeling like I should at least give MC a chance, so I quickly scheduled a private tour.  On my private tour I got to see the highlights of MC and what it really had to offer the now 17 and 1/2 year old me and well, they hire some great people to do those tours because I left campus that day SOLD.

– Bethany

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