My MC Story – Kristie Allen

Well hey! I’m Kristie. I’m from Meridian, Mississippi, and I’m a senior majoring in Interpersonal and Public Communication.

Those of you who know me know that being concise is not necessarily a talent of mine, so here are just a few words that describe my MC experience and help explain who I am today.

Freshman year, Fall:
Move-in, Hederman hall, leave the parents, roommate adjustments, rush,  We wear (clap, clap) green shirts (clap, clap), new friends, late night NOLA, identity search, no sleep, change of major, Christmas!!!

Freshman year, Spring:
New year’s party, new friend group, spring fun, no commitment, good grades, quad time, spring break, easy life, change of major, skipping classes, spring fever, move-out (cry, cry. it’s two whole months). summer.

Sophomore Year, Fall:
Growing up, Lat-Webb, heart break, who am I?, Singer’s practice, change of major, Festival of Lights, best friends.

Sophomore Year, Spring:
Planning formal, senate meetings, change of major, finding Jesus, healing heart, summer break, summer school.

Junior year, Fall:
Transfer friends, ST Vice Prez, rush rush rush, lots of fun, change of major, more class, make espresso, change of major, worship leading, joy, Christmas break!

Junior year, Spring:
Leadership, major keeping(!), worship leading, church home, happiness, growth, restoration, confidence, summer, camp.

Senior year, Fall:
Rush skits, doubt, exhaustion, com law, telecounseling, growing up, grad school searching, loving friends, finding future, trusting Jesus.


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