A Day in the Life of Bethany

After resetting the alarm clock approximately 4 times, i jump off of my bed and onto the floor.  I have to jump because I am 5’1 and 1/2, and my bed is as tall as my shoulder so if i didn’t jump, I could very possibly break a lower limb.

Once I have successfully made it off my bed and experienced a confidence boost about the landing, I start getting ready for a big day of class.  First on the agenda is to feed my loving fish Josephine, on Thursdays I clean her tank and that’s why she loves me.

Next I begin to tame my hair and pick out a classy outfit while my roommate and I usually discuss the agenda for the day.  Once we are presentable (me -decked out in my newest MC t-shirt and/or some form of cardigan with my skinny jeans), we then scurry out of the door and she heads to work and I make a bee line for the caf.  I go through the entree line and Mrs. Ethel dishes out the usual- grits and a biscuit.

Soon it’s time for class and I head to Hederman (the big scary building) and sit through a lecture about the body, my teacher likes to refer his class as “you-ology- this is all about you”.

And that is just the start of my many classes which vary from Old Testament to Developmental Psychology.  Classes are wrapped up for me around 2:30 so I head to a late lunch with the b-f. We like to go to Hampsteads because they have a really yummy grilled cheese.  Today we had an after lunch snack at Cups – it’s a cute little coffee shop in Old Town Clinton.

Yes, so far my day has consisted of classes and eating.

Next, I usually head over to Latt Webb: more affectionately known as Lat-weezy by it’s occupants.  Latt Webb is alot like your grandmom’s house- it has a strange smell, people offer you food and good wisdom about life.

So I either spend my afternoon hanging around Lat-weezy snacking, on the quad with friends, or I make the time productive and get some needed studying done. So you can find me in my new favorite study space, the piazza, weather permitting.

Otherwise you can catch me in the library like any good MC student.

Soon the afternoon has dwindled away and it’s time for another meal.  This is the crucial decision of the day- to eat on campus or to eat off campus.  Generally this is up to the current state of the bank account.

Sometimes I have to eat really early because I go to work at 5 alot.  I am one of the privileged workers on campus because I work for the MC tele-counselling service.  Which means I get to do super fun things like write blogs about MC and call people and tell them happy birthday.  Who wouldn’t love that?? On top of these cool job responsibilities, I get to work with a really fun tele-crew, in the tele-tower, where we have a whole lot of tele-phun.  It’s basically a 2-4 hour tele-blast!!

Once work is over, I head to my room and catch up with the roomie.

We compare days and get settled in for bed.

It’s lights out and then I reset the alarm.

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