Campus Involvement – Colbie Robertson

When first coming to MC as a freshman, the most given advice was to find some way to “get involved”. That sounded so overwhelming with all of the different student organizations. But I found my niche(s), and they have made the past three years at MC indescribably awesome.

One of the best things I did when I first came to MC was rush…it got me involved on MC’s campus and it was so much fun! I rushed Laguna Social Tribe and met so many new friends….even my roommates! I was able to participate in follies during my pledge process, which is one of my favorite memories! When I was a junior, I became vice-president of LT which meant that I was over the pledge process for Laguna. This gave me a way to sharpen my leadership skills, as well as mentor 50+ freshman girls as they transitioned from high school to college.  VP was the most rewarding experience I’ve had at MC. As girls on MC’s campus now are beginning to go through the pledge process, I’m reminded of all of the great memories I have from rushing.

Another way that I’ve gotten involved on campus is through Student Government Association Executive Council. I’m the treasurer and have enjoyed getting to serve the school. Through SGA, I’ve been able to form personal relationships with school officials (like Dr. Royce and Dr. Turcotte), contribute to bettering MC for all students, and go on awesome skeet shooting retreats. The other eight people on council have quickly become some of my best friends. Leading with them is such a blessing.


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