It’s Okay, I’m With the Band

Band is the best. I’ve done it forever.

This is a picture from senior year of high school. Band was a big deal. We were a large band, and going to a 6A Gulf Coast High School, we were there every Friday night. When thinking back on my four years of high school, I cannot even BEGIN to imagine any of them without band. All of the great memories, (and yes, even some harsh ones), all of the wonderful relationships, all of the inside jokes, midnight IHop and Waffle House runs after a game, trips to D.C. and Orlando, the band clinics, the band CAMPS, the lifelong friends I’ve made at clinics and with marching band, serving as a drum major for 3 years- I can’t imagine how dramatically different high school would have been without band!

Now.. here I am as a college student at MC. It’s clear the band is not 150 people like it was in high school. However… I’ve grown to love it so many different ways. 45 people doesn’t mean less talent, it just means less people, and I can’t IMAGINE how boring the games would be without a band playing stand tunes. In fact, it has SO many pros. You really get to know everyone so very well, and in college, everyone’s motivated, because every chooses to do it because they want to. Last year, I spun flag, and me, Laurie, Aimee, Shantelle, Brittany, Tanicia, Jessica, and Onnika became SO close! They’re truly wonderful. It made freshman year an easier transition having a set group of girls like that.

Now… this year I’m serving my first year as drum major. Woah. TOTAL flashback to starting drum major as a sophomore in high school like I’m doing now in college. Although the dynamics and sizes of band have changed, the fun, memories, and laughs have not. Just watch us at the next game. There’s no doubt we have a total blast.

Every spring, we take a tour with the concert band. Last year, we ended the tour in Memphis. SO MUCH FUN. From Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street to touring Sun Records where Elvis made his first recordings, the trip was just a total success. It was awesome getting to play for high school students, too. I remember the MC Symphonic Winds coming to play at Gulfport High my senior year. I didn’t even plan on coming to MC at the time, and now… I’m here. In sophomore year. Absolute crazy stuff.

For those of you interested in coming here, I highly encourage you to look into band. From jazz band to symphonic winds, marching band to woodwind and brass groups, there’s something to get plugged into if music’s your thing. I made so many great memories with the Admiral Band in high school, and am making so many more great memories here with the Choctaw band. From being on the podium or spinning mace to playing oboe, I’ve just loved getting to utilize my talents ultimately to glorify my wonderful Heavenly Dad, and on top of it, I’m making lifelong friends and great memories.


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