He is beautiful, glorious, and good…

and faithful. 

Hi, world wide internets people! It is your old pal, Ashlee, the one who doesn’t like creamed corn. 

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about not having a plan for my future. I said that it was OK because I trusted Him to be faithful and provide the information I needed. 

I lied.

I was absolutely FREAKING out. I have this really unfortunate tendency to get angry with the Lord while pretending to myself and every one around me that I have this super strong faith. This is not the case. In actuality, I panic. All.the.time. I secretly think that I am the one person that God is going to forget about or be silent to.

I. Am. Wrong.

Psalm 25 says:

4 Show me your ways, LORD,
   teach me your paths.
5 Guide me in your truth and teach me,
   for you are God my Savior,
   and my hope is in you all day long.
6 Remember, LORD, your great mercy and love,
   for they are from of old.
7 Do not remember the sins of my youth
   and my rebellious ways;
according to your love remember me,
   for you, LORD, are good.

8 Good and upright is the LORD;
   therefore he instructs sinners in his ways.
9 He guides the humble in what is right
   and teaches them his way.
10 All the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful
   toward those who keep the demands of his covenant.

Insert curve-ball #1: I walked through the caf one morning last week and picked up a brochure for the Journeyman program. It is a two year intensive global missions initiative and it seemed cool. When I went back to my room, I told one person, my friend A.C., what I was doing. I was so pumped, but when I began diving into the website, I knew two things immediately:

1. Missions is the right path. 

2. Journeyman was NOT it. 

I was bummed. I thought that I was back to square one. 

Over the next three days, God blew my world apart. 

Through a crazy chain of events, the Lord revealed his very specific plan for me. This is how it went…

1. I was journaling and… yelling at the Lord a bit.

2. I got a message from my mother telling me that she was praying over me and thought that I should consider missions.

3. I shot a text to Austin talking about how random and awesome it was that my mother was talkign about missions when I had just checked it out.

4. A.C. suggested something I had never heard of: The World Race

5. I ate breakfast and ignored Austin’s text.

6. I finally looked up the website and BAM!

7. My life is (potentially) forever changed.

Basically, if chosen, I will be going to eleven different countries over eleven different months. I would get to build relationships with them and tell them about the love of Christ… awesome. 

I applied last Tuesday and will get my acceptance/rejection call any day now. So, please be in prayer for me! Update to come soon! 

Remember, the Lord will fight and plan for us. We need only to be still.

-Ashlee Walworth

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