MC Diary: A Day in the Life of Lauren White

9:27am. Woken up by LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” but just long enough to rock the snooze button.

9:54am. Finally stumble out of bed after 3 more snoozes… As always.

10:00am. Cook breakfast and watch a few episodes of Phineas and Ferb and Penguins of Madagascar while getting ready. Who says college kids are too old for cartoons?

Sometimes I eat pizza for breakfast. It’s how I stay young.

12:00pm. First class of the day! I have to make the four-story hike up Lowrey for my Abnormal Psych class, where we watch a movie about a woman with a major fear of clowns (which is called coulrophobia, in case you were wondering).

12:48pm. Socialization time in the Caf! We’re usually let out of Psych early, so I go catch up with some friends before heading to my next class. I’m pretty sure I spend more time in the Caf than most people that actually live on campus. On the way I saw this on the quad… What happens when quaddling (cuddling on the quad, some cool MC lingo for you) goes wrong.

1:30pm. Off to Mythology class after climbing another 3 flights of stairs. My professor graduated from Cambridge University in England and is an absolute GENIUS. He somehow manages to make stories that are literally about dirt even more fascinating than say, playing on Facebook or taking a nap. Hats off to you, Dr. Randle!

3:00pm. Bike ride around town with my friend Kim. Clinton is so gorgeous during the fall! 

4:30pm. Dinner in the Caf with a few of my favorite co-workers! (So many exclamation points!)

This is Zack. I sat next to him at dinner and told him I didn’t know him but was going to steal his fries. It was very awkward a few minutes later when I realized that I did know him, but it’s not my fault his hair was wet and I was blinded by hunger. TOTALLY INNOCENT. Then I proceeded to steal more fries. Thanks, Zack!

5:00pm. Another crazy night in Telecounseling! We’re some of the luckiest kids on campus – our job is to talk on the phone and post on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. I’M GETTING PAID TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW. Cool, right? Patrick and Brett sure seem to think so.

Sometimes during work breaks our super cool boss JJ likes to braid my hair. 

8:40pm. After work I typically head to Jazzman’s (I refuse to call it Tuscany’s, sorry I’m a grumpy senior) and goof around with friends. I don’t have a meal plan, so I usually convince underclassmen friends to buy me things. My stomach is glad it usually works… My personal favorite snack is the “Ham and Chedda.”

10:00pm. Off to the Intramural fields for my weekly flag football game. I’m on a team called The Wild Thangs and we’re KIND of a big deal. And by that I mean we’re ridiculously awesome and totally out for blood. Definitely bringing the Intramural Championship home this year (we lost in the last few seconds during finals last year. Nah, I’m not bitter. Nope)

11:30pm. Back at the house, the roommates and I relax in the living room before bed. This usually involves DVR’d episodes of The Bachelor or Sister Wives, Netflix, homework, and chocolate… We’re living the dream.

12:15am. Finally crawl into my (amazingly comfortable, sent-from-the-Lord, queen sized) bed and fall asleep to reruns of either Scrubs or The 90s Are All That. How did I ever fall asleep without Clarissa Explains It All or Doug? Ahhh, bedtime…

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