Like most college students, I’m a total sucker for the singer-songwriter type. Throw in a heart for the Lord and a killer sense of humor, and I’ll be spending the next five paychecks on his entire iTunes catalog. I think that’s why I love Dave Barnes so much – not only does he possess some serious musical talent, he still maintains total humility despite his fame and runs one of the funniest Twitter and YouTube accounts I’ve ever followed. Dave performed at MC’s Spring Fever Week two years ago, and he’ll be back this Thursday to headline ChoctawFest alongside Steve Moakler and Maggie Eckford. If you live anywhere near the Jackson area, be sure to come check out the free show! And for those of you who can’t make it, be sure to watch Dave’s Christmas and Workout videos. But be warned, you’ll probably need some Tylenol from laughing too hard. After Dave played Spring Fever Week, he stayed after to sign autographs and hang out with fans. I didn’t have anything to sign, so Dave ended up just drawing cartoon mythical creatures all over my student ID… Much better than an autograph in my opinion.  -Lauren White, senior telecounselor and Dave Barnes groupie (he’s retweeted me twice, y’all! #famous)

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