Things I Wish I was Told as a Freshman

1. Take it easy your first semester. You’re still getting used to living on your own, there’s no need to take 19 hours!

2. You’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, especially as a freshman. Rather than living with regrets or becoming a recluse to avoid any stupid decisions, LEARN from your mistakes and move forward.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends, faculty, locals – they’re all ready and willing to give any support you need. There’s no reason or excuse to go through these 4 years alone!

4. Practice parallel parking BEFORE coming to MC. Especially if you’re a freshman girl. This is a typical sight around the Loop:

A typical sight outside the girls' dorms.

5. Buy books used online. 95% of the time they will be MUCH cheaper than if you buy them from the bookstore, and you can sell them back online or to other students for a much greater profit at the end of the semester.

6. Buy more underwear and socks. You’ll have to do WAY less laundry.

7. Get to know professors and USE THEIR OFFICE HOURS. They honestly WANT you to talk and ask questions, and I guarantee they’ll be a lot more likely to give you those few extra points you may need come finals.

8.The Freshman 15 really do exist, y’all. (Recent studies say that it’s actually closer to the Freshman 30 now.)

9. That being said: burgers and pizza in the Caf are both delicious and quick, but they will hit you HARD if you don’t eat a balanced diet and work out regularly.

10. Buy a Healthplex membership. Even if you hate working out, exercise is proven to decrease stress, increase productivity, and aid in overall health.

11. If you’re not a morning person, don’t sign up for 8 AM classes unless you honestly have to.

12. Teachers really do take attendance, so GO TO CLASS.

13. But don’t be afraid to take the occasional “personal” day every now and then. It’s okay to relax and have fun sometimes!

14. Most departments offer free tutoring, and the school has a Writing Center that will help draft and proofread any paper for free. Use them!

15. Get to know the people in your classes. It’ll make catching up a lot easier if you ever get sick or have a “personal day,” not to mention making boring classes a little more tolerable!

-Lauren White, Senior Telecounselor and Wellspring of Knowledge and Wisdom

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