Things I Wish I was Told as a Freshman, Part 2

16. Take fun classes outside of your major. Chances are Biology majors enjoy things other than Anatomy & Physiology, so branch out and take something that sounds cool. (It’s a shame we don’t actually offer Underwater Basket Weaving, but we do have Water Volleyball!)

17. Don’t take all your electives and core classes the first two years, otherwise you’ll be stuck with nothing but 400-levels your senior year. And trust me, that is NOT. FUN.

18. Take random roadtrips and travel as much as possible. Once you graduate and get a big kid job, spontaneous midnight trips to Cafe du Monde or weekend beach vacations with your best friends become way less possible.

19. I promise you don’t need nearly as much STUFF as you want to bring. Pack for college… and then only take half.

20. Moderation is key in ALL aspects of life. Too much studying is just as detrimental and dangerous as too much socializing.

21. Don’t forget about your friends back home. Between Facebook, Skype, and text messaging, there’s not really a solid reason to become as distant as most people do. 

22. Don’t forget to sleep. It’s easier than you think to forget.

23. Set a budget. It doesn’t even have to be exact, just a keep general idea of how you’re spending your money. You’ll be shocked to see how many “tiny” charges you can make on your card that you forget about each month!

24. Get involved on campus. That doesn’t mean you have to rush – you can participate in Student Government, join major clubs, play intramurals, or take part in one of the dozens of student organizations on campus. There’s bound to be multiple people out there with similar interests to yours! 

25. Read the syllabus. Some professors don’t announce tests or assignments, they just assume you’ll read the handout from the first day of class even if they never mention it again. You’ve been warned.

26. Smile at everyone. Making friends will be easier and you never know whose day you might make!

27. Always forgive. Like I said, everyone WILL make stupid mistakes while they’re in college. Rather than holding grudges and making your time at college increasingly dramatic, offer the same understanding and forgiveness you would want if you messed up.

28. Take responsibility for your actions. If you mess up, admit to it. People will respect you a lot more, and teachers will be more likely to give mercy or help you out. 

29. Take risks. We’re not called to a life of mediocrity, so step out of your comfort zone and do something different!

30. Live with a purpose. Don’t coast through the next four years, and don’t live for temporary, selfish pleasures. Decide what you really want for your life, and then do it!

Lauren White, Senior Telecounselor and Self-Proclaimed Life Coach

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