What NOT to Do During Finals Week (But Will Probably Do Anyways)

Well, our wonderful boss JJ initially asked me to write a blog on how to properly manage your time during Finals Week. But seeing as I’m widely known as one of the biggest procrastinators on campus, fellow Telecounselors instead suggested I write about what NOT to do (AKA what I usually end up doing every semester). 

  • Do NOT take a midnight trip to New Orleans the night before your first final. Getting beignets at Cafe Du Monde at 3 AM? Awesome. Pulling on campus just in time for your 8 AM New Testament final with absolutely no sleep? Not so awesome.
  • Do NOT wait until the week of your finals to open textbooks for the first time. I dare you to figure out exactly how much you would have to read each day to finish 4,539 pages in a week. WITHOUT using a calculator.
  • Do NOT oversleep and miss your most important final… Which was in a language other than English.
  • Do NOT drink four Five Hour Energy Shots in one night. They may threaten to institutionalize you.
  • Do NOT forget to sleep. Did you know that after three days without sleep, you are considered clinically insane?
  • Do NOT sell your textbooks to pay for your summer wardrobe before actually taking the finals.

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