Growing Green

If you’re anything like me, you love to admire the pretty plants on the quad but cant imagine growing any of your own… especially in your dorm.  

Dorms have a reputation for being small, dark and gloomy.  Doesnt sound like a place for plants to thrive so let’s cheer them up with some fresh flowers and greenery.  

Here are some tips on being the best dorm room horticulturist on your hall.  

  1. Water = life.  Be sure to know how much water your plant will require.  Over-watering is bad. Under-watering is equally as bad. 
  2. Get to know your window or lack there of. Fluorescent lighting is not a death sentence for your dorm plant! African Violets, Orchids, and Aloe Vera plants can all survive with bright fluorescent lighting.  The Peace Lily below on the right can survive in low or bright sunlight and does well in room temperature.                                                                                              
  3. The Humidity of the room has great affect on the livelihood of your plant.  When the weather turns cold, try to keep your plants from drying out when you have the heater in your room blasting 89.  Keep a spray bottle handy and your plant will always be ready for a quick mist.                      
  4. Do your research. Here are some really helpful sites for all of your growing needs.  RealSimple   Guide to Housplants  Desk Plants    
  5. Select your plant with care.  You may not first consider a cactus or bamboo but these two plants are basically impossible to kill.   I found this at the flower and plant associations site.  You can no longer deny that cacti aren’t pleasing to the eyes. And there are a lot of hints for how to help them thrive indoors.


Be sure to find a plant that suits your personality and the time you are willing to expend on it.

Begin growing. Now.  

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