The MC Caf(eteria): A Survival Guide

You’re about to start your freshman year at Mississippi College! You’ve gone to the preview days, the orientations, and the private visits. At these wonderful events they tell you an overwhelming amount of facts about MC, like that we are the oldest university in the state (established days before Ole Miss), the Quad is a hotbed of hipsters in hammocks, our aquatics programs is the best in the nation, and there are 3.4 girls to every 1 guy. You probably also developed some questions for yourself, like which club or tribe should I rush? Should I run for Student government? And where in the name of Moses’ beard did Dr. Royce get that seersucker suit?! A question that probably didn’t cross your mind concerns something that will be a consistent, day-to-day activity for you as new resident of Mississippi College: traversing, surviving, and conquering the school cafeteria.

First thing you should know is you will get a funny look if you call it the Cafeteria. Student lingo has shortened it to “The Caf,” not to be confused with similar shortened words such as “totes”, “adorbs”, or “presh” (no one at MC says awful words like these… Promise… Well, maybe not).

The second most important aspect of the Caf is manna from heaven that comes in the form of “Fried Chicken Wednesdays.” You’re treated to not one, but TWO pieces of fried chicken AND a side of delectable Mac ‘N Cheese. To make things even better, they have recently opened a second line so the wait is even shorter! Although every other day’s entree might not be as heaven-sent as the chicken, you can make the best out of nearly anything served. Here’s 5 tips from a seasoned Caf-er:

1. If there are corn-nuggets or chocolate-chip ice cream, make bee-line for it! These are two of the most sought after foods in the realm of Mississippi College. Not to mention that the corn nuggets are hand-crafted by the Lord.

2. Beware the Dr. Pepper. Occasionally the left soda machine accidentally switches it with Root Beer – there’s nothing wrong with a good Barq’s, but not when you want a good DP.

3. Ranch conquers all. Not a fan of Burritos? Oriental food not worth the price of tea in China? Well the all-day everyday pizza bar with a nice little bowl of some ranch dressing is the way to go! I didn’t even mention the out of this world Hawaiian pizza that shows its face from time to time.

4. The mega salad. Health nut? Lookin’ for something filling but not too heavy? Well look not further than MC’s very own salad bar. But here’s what most people miss out on: you can get a large plate from the international line, pile on some lettuce, bacon, cheese, dressing, and then top it all off with some diced up turkey or ham. Now you have yourself a top notch Chef Salad!

5. Think it’s a good idea to go out to eat with your friends before church on Wednesday? Think again! Wednesday night dinner in our Caf is breakfast for dinner, fan-freakin-tastic right? Who doesn’t love a plate of grits, scrambled eggs, and a Belgium waffle made to your own specifications.

Lastly (but not there are different places that MC’s own people groups sit on a typical day. Here is an exaggerated, but somewhat accurate seating chart of the clubs, tribes, sports teams, couples and other fun loving people that go to our fair college.

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