Happy Life-I-Versary!

Do me a favor? Ready? Take a deep breath. That’s right…in…now out. Feels spectacular right?

On Wednesday, December 15th, 2010, at 10:08 AM just outside of Forest, MS, I almost (should have) lost this privilege.

The above two pictures were both taken, by me, the very same day that miracle happened. I hit a tree head on at 72 MPH. I WALKED AWAY… FROM THAT. All praise, honor, and glory goes to God because in every way shape and form, I should not have survived, much less have been basically unharmed.

Every week/month since, I take a little time out to celebrate my “life-i-versary.” They are quickly becoming my favorite days ever. So today, reader, I invite you to join in on the celebration! Take a little extra time out for yourself: buy those shoes that you want, tell EVERYONE you know that you love them…every one, and most importantly, remember the Giver of Life.

He is worthy. and life is awesome.

Happy eleven month life-i-versary, Me!

Ashlee Walworth, Senior, walking miracle, liver of life, and breather of air.

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