Ready for the Best Summer of Your Life?

What are you doing this summer?

I know it seems strange to already be thinking ahead to the summer months, but believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about those summer plans!
So today I want to tell you all about the best summer of my life.

Yep, that’s me. And yes, that’s an inner tube. 
This summer I got the amazing opprotunity of working as a staff member of LifeWay’s Fuge camps. Never heard of Fuge camps? Perfect! Let me tell you a little about it…

Fuge camps are Christian camps that have been aroud for over 30 years. There are locations all over the country (there’s one at MC!) and every year, thousands of students attend Fuge. There are two main Fuge camps—
Centrifuge which is focused on discipleship in youth groups and
M-Fuge which is focused on missions.
I worked on the M-Fuge side of things in Greenville, SC. It was one of the most amazing, most exhausting things that I have ever done!

Okay, so a day at Fuge looked a little like this…

7:30am- Staff Meeting
This was one of the greatest parts about Fuge camps. I LOVED MY STAFF. They became like my family. In fact, I’m traveling this weeked for a Fuge Family Reunion, and I could not be more excited! Here, look how much fun we were…

9:00am- Bible Study
Another one of my favorite parts of Fuge. I got to lead Bible Study for 20-30 youth every week. I loved teaching and speaking Truth into the lives of students. Honestly, I think I learned as much from them as they did from me. This year our theme was Connect, and we studied what it means to truly follow Christ.

10:00am- Mission Site!
This is when we would load up in a van and head out to do missions. I did children’s ministry in a low-income housing project.We would do crafts, songs, facepainting, and Bible stories with little cherubs like these…        

3:00pm-9:00pm Hang Time and Worship
When I returned from my mission site, I got to hang out with my youth and build personal relationships with them. Then it was time for worship where we would gather together and worship through music and studying the Bible. It was a great time of learning and watching the Lord change lives. (He’s good like that, ya know?!)

Night Life-
This is when we acted crazy and pumped-up the youth before we sent them to bed. (makes sense, right?) Anyway, this involved MEGA relay (a huge, camp-wide messy relay game) or dressing up in crazy costumes to play games.
Oh look! Here’s my staff and me at MEGA relay!  



In summary, working at Fuge Camps was one of the best experiences of my life to date! If you have a passion for youth, missions, and large quantities of crazy-fun, Fuge camps may just be for you!
Apply here:

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