What to Wear: Holiday Vacations

The Basic Travelling Outfit

Dressing for the airport is always so stressful. It’s entirely too difficult to find an outfit that’s both stylish, comfortable, and security-friendly. While lots of college students rely on their favorite sweats for the flight home, I usually end up going straight to visit friends so I like to look at least semi-presentable on the flight. 

My suggestions? Buy a pair of comfortable jeggings and pair it with a loose T, a cute scarf, and your favorite comfy cardigan. Airplanes can be cold, so it’s good to dress in layers so you’ll always remain comfortable regardless of the temperature. Make sure you wear either flats or boots that are easy to remove and walk in, and bring a large tote bag to carry all your flight entertainment (I won’t travel without my iPod and a good book – I’m currently reading The Hunger Games and it’s perfect for a flight!)

The Dreaded Family Dinner

I love the winter holidays largely because they provide an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of delicious food. However, they also require something else: family get-togethers. Generally my parents beg me to look “presentable” for our relatives I only see once or twice a year (they still see me as the 10 year old who lived in Umbros and never laid eyes on a hairbrush… well, at least the Umbros have changed). Do you know how difficult it is to find an outfit that remains classy while still allowing that extra breathing room after you eat your weight in turkey? VERY. DIFFICULT.

Your best bet is to pair a loose blouse with a longer pencil skirt (preferably made out of a stretchy material). Top it off with a stretchy waist belt so you won’t have to sneakily expand your belt notches, and wear a pair of oxfords with a thick heel so they’ll be more comfortable to wear all day. Don’t forget a watch to count down the hours until your freedom!

Hanging with Friends

One good thing about coming home to hang with your old friends is the fact that they already know and love you regardless. For me, that means I have an excuse to try out some bolder fashion trends I may not otherwise. This year I want to experiment with colors, so try pairing these teal jeans with a loose, neutral sweater. If you’re still feeling crazy, rock a pair of motorcycle boots (and if you’re not, some basic flats will work great). Finish the look with a purse in a contrasting color – make sure it’s large so you can sneak in snacks when you head to the movies!

Winter Bonfires

The absolute best thing about cold weather? It’s an excuse to have lots and lots of bonfires! Toasty fires, s’mores, hot chocolate, and your closest friends… I can’t think of anything better. Honestly I’m getting the warm fuzzies just thinking about it!

The whole point of having a bonfire is to relax and unwind, so you’re going to want to be both warm and comfy. Plaid shirts are the ESSENTIAL item for these nights – they’re cute, extremely cozy, and were made for the outdoors. Wear them with your most comfortable jeans and a pair of snuggly boots. If you’re wanting to be extra warm, throw on a pair of knee-high socks and a beanie. Top the look off by stealing a boy’s sweatshirt and keeping a s’more in your hand at all times.

-Lauren White, Senior Telecounselor who spends too much time on Pinterest and Polyvore

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