Feeling Creative?

Clay Conn's 2011 Winner Are you a science major who likes to write poetry in the margins of his chemistry notes in the middle of class? Or how about a psychology major whose secret passion is posting videos on YouTube?  Or are you by chance a secret undercover artist cleverly disguised as a business major? We cordially invite students such as yourselves to submit your masterpieces to the main literary and art publication/competition on campus, the illustrious Arrowhead. Winners of this competition will not only get their entries published, but will also win fame and fortune (cash prizes). So get out your video cameras, paints, clays, and writing utensils and express your creativity (in a publicly appropriate way please).


Please submit your literary and photography entries to arrowheadmc@gmail.com or bring them to Jennings 301. Hard copies (compact discs) of film entries should also be submitted to Jennings 301. Take any art entries to the Gore Gallery. Check your MC Email for the competition rules. Applications are due by January 16, 2012 at 5:00 PM.


Tiffany Johnston, General Editor, Arrowhead 2012

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