Passion 2012

On Monday January 2, 44,000 college students flooded downtown Atlanta in order to attend the 2012 Passion conference.  Hotels had been booked for months in advance for the 4 day conference.  Students gathered together in the Georgia Dome to worship, listen to speakers, and raise money to end modern day slavery in the name of Jesus. 

 According to the statistics set forth by speakers at the conference, there are over 27 million slaves in the world today. This number includes women and children that are trafficked for sexual exploitation and people of all ages that are forced into manual labor without hope of release.  

Passion set forth a goal to raise one million dollars in order to aid several causes that are fighting to free these people trapped in slavery.  By the end of the conference, more than $3 million was raised in order to fund these attempts.  

Want to know how many modern day slaves you have working for you?  Take the survey at

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