BLOG: Music Update – Bowerbirds

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the band Bon Iver, but they have been growing in popularity as of late. They actually were nominated for a few Grammy awards. I am a pretty big fan and recently read an interview with the lead singer Justin Vernon. He was talking about how he thought what he had done musically was really good, that is until he heard the Bowerbirds. So obviously, I looked them up and really liked what I heard. They are a blend of really cool folky sounds combined with unique classical guitar playing. The band is far different from any band that I have heard. This is their song “In Our Talons”, and it’s super good. Give it a listen and check out the Bowerbirds!

Kenneth, telecounselor, Junior music lover, and future owner of his own professional wrestling league, just kidding about that last thing…..kind of, enjoy the music!

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