BLOG: Nisolo – “Not Alone”

 A new and stylish way to help those in need: Nisolo Shoes was started by a mission team traveling to Trujillo, Peru who began to teach the local Peruvians how to make real-leather shoes. Nisolo, which means “not alone,” provides an income for Peruvians who would otherwise be unable to provide for their families….and let me just say: the shoes are the bomb!  This past summer, my sister, Taylor, had the opportunity to travel to Peru for 2 months to do mission work in the city of  Trujillo. She met the founders of Nisolo and was among some of the first to recieve the new shoes. Nisolo shoes had not even been released in the States when she came home, but in the fall of 2011, Nisolo toured the US from October to December and distributed their new shoes. Here are a few samples of  their products……

These shoes are available in many more styles and colors. The money that is recieved for the shoes goes to the men and women in Trujillo who make the shoes.
Check out their new accessories on the facebook page  here , and the stories of the shoemakers on the website here.

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