BLOG: MC Singers in the City

MC’s music dept is always doing something cool. They kicked off the semester with a trip to New York City!
Here is a break down of the trip from Miss MC herself– Katie Boles!

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So, we came back for the Spring semester, went to class Monday & Tuesday and then we were off to the Big Apple.
There’s nothing like a vacation with 55 of your closest friends to start the semester off with a bang! You might be
wondering, “Why in the world do they get to go to NYC while I’m stuck here?” Well, I’ll tell you. Dr. Meaders was asked
to conduct a choir and orchestra concert in the historic Avery Fisher Hall of Lincoln Center, so he of course had to bring
his own choir, the MC Singers, along.

It was a blast. We had Thursday completely free, so everyone got to explore the city however they pleased. Friday
and Saturday were spent in all day rehearsals, and then the big concert was on Sunday. Mississippi College was
well represented. Besides our choir making up the core of the mass choir, there were also two MC Alums who were
soloists(Jay Carr & Dr. Kristen Johnson), as well as Dr. Meaders with the baton. It was a lot of hard work, but it definitely
paid off. It will be a trip that I remember forever.


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