BLOG: Hammocking

            One of the beautiful things about Mississippi College is what the good weather brings:  hammocks! Although we have some fickle January weather, it often brings an amazing breeze and beautiful skies. Almost everyday, the trees on the quad are full of brightly colored hammocks occupied with studiers. Or procrastinators.  Bored sitting in your room trying to read your British Lit book?  Well, get up, grab your Eno hammock, strap it up, and get to reading! Is your roommate getting on your last nerve playing Nintendo 64 while you want to take a nap after a cray cray day of classes? Well, grab that yellow hammock, a pillow, sunglasses, a Snuggie or a handmade quilt from your grandmother and snooze away to the symphonic sound of Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind”. Oh, and you may get lucky and see one of your favorite baby beaux hammocking right above you! Well, what are you doing sitting there reading this blog when hammock weather beckons outside? Get up and strap up before a blizzard comes. This January weather won’t last forever! #jortsweatherisgoodweather

From your favorite bloggers,  @morgan_gaughf & @strooploop1.

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