BLOG: A MC Story of Healing

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Richard E. Morris. I transferred to MC last semester from Tulane University. I am a junior studying in marketing with a minor in public relations. I am a part of the Shawreth Men’s Service Club. I decided to leave Tulane to come to MC because of the Christian perspective. It was  located in my hometown of Clinton. I also realized that I wanted to be closer to home. I felt that God called  me to attend MC and was so joyous when I received my acceptance letter!

My first semester at Mississippi College was a thriller. I was able to meet new people, participate in  Welcome Week ’11, and I rushed Shawreth. While attending this school, my greatest desire was to get a closer relationship with  God. During last semester I surrounded myself with other students to keep me accountable in reading the Word. I attended many Bible studies and felt very proud to be where I was with God.

         Even though our relationship was going great, as like everybody else, HE put me through different trials. Some were easy to get through and others were very difficult and that is when I grew closer to HIM in faith. One of those trials actually began in the latter portion of last semester.

In the summer of 2010, I had two surgeries: one was for a hernia that needed to be repaired, and the other was for three fairly large tumors in a place that you never want to have tumors. I had them removed, and I thought my worries were over. In December, I found out that three tumors, about the size of half dollar coins, had grown back in the same area. The doctor had performed an ultrasound and a CT scan to see what was going on. Although the doctor was not one hundred percent sure, he was worried that there was a chance the tumors could be cancerous. So I made another appointment to see him the next week to figure out what he was going to do to fix the problem.

Over Christmas break, the pain was getting worse, and I made an appointment to see the doctor. My hernia that had also been repaired had dislocated. At times, that was very painful. Unfortunately the doctor cancelled on me and couldn’t  see me until mid January. Instead of waiting until January, I went to the clinic on campus to see Dr. French. On January 3rd, I saw Dr. French and explained to him the  problems I was having. He assured me that the problems were serious and that I definitely needed to get them checked out. He scheduled me an ultrasound and another CT scan for January 25th.

During the few weeks I was waited for the my ultrasound apppointment. Life was sometimes difficult. Not only was the pain very bad at random times, but I could feel that my faith was starting to slip away. I was constantly thinking, “what will I do if I get cancer?” and “how will my life go on?” This was a time when I needed God more than ever. I needed to pray and just ask HIM to give me the strength to fight through the pain and think positively. After praying, God answered my prayers, and lo and behold, my Shawreth brothers were there. They constantly prayed for me and helped me in ANY way that they could. It seemed, though, that I would always grow more nervous and sometimes upset to think about testing positive for cancer.

I tried to see the silver lining in my health situation.  The timing of my health problem could not have happened at a more perfect time! I was completely surrounded by a group of sixty-four brothers that is Shawreth to help me get through my tough time emotionally and physically. Each day, people would ask, “how are you feeling today Richie?” and say, “I’ll be praying for ya man.” These brothers constantly encouraged me to stay positive and to seek the Lord. Words cannot describe the brotherhood that is Shawreth and just what an impact it has made in my life!

The day finally came for me to get the ultrasound and CT scan. My nervousness had decreased from the previous week and the pain that I was feeling was not there. The night before, all of my brothers  prayed for me at the end of our weekly Shawreth meeting. A group of my brothers who also live on my hall in Whittington prayed for me in hopes that everything would be fine. I walked into the Baptist Hospital that morning and was very confident and as cool as a cucumber. I felt a feeling from God that gave me some reassurance. No matter the outcome, HE would be there for me all the way.

The tests went better than expected, and I was informed that the Radiologist and Pathologist would take a look at the screenings and would give the analysis of my screenings to Dr. Scott French. All I had to do was play the waiting game and wait for a phone call. I basically had the phone glued to my hip in case of a call. I was confident and stayed in the Word and knew that if the results did not work out in my favor, I would have the Lord and sixty-four brothers right beside me helping me through my fight.

Around 1:30 p.m., I received a phone call from Dr. French. He told me that my results from the Baptist Hospital  came in. He said he had good news and some slightly bad news. He first told me that the hernia had not in fact dislocated, but had stretched, and that’s where the pain was coming from. As far as the tumors, he said that was a different story. He said that I had some small cysts that needed some attention. He prescribed me with some antibiotics that would fix the problem. He then began to tell me that the tumors that were revealed from last month’s ultrasound were not there anymore!! He said that the only explanation would be a God-given blessing. I could not believe what I was hearing! Overjoyed, I began to shed tears of happiness at the thought that God had that kind of grace and mercy on someone who is so unworthy. Words cannot describe how I was feeling, even now.I asked our President, Brett Barlow, to call an emergency Shawreth meeting. At the meeting, I told my fellow brothers what had happened. They were ecstatic!!

I am just truly blessed, over blessed even, for what our God has given me in the past few weeks and last semester. I have seen HIM working in my brothers as they encouraged me and prayed for me to get better. After being saved a little over two years ago, I feel that I am in my prime peak of my relationship with the Lord. I have the urge to desire him more and really want to get to know him better. He has bestowed upon me some really great friends that I have grown closer to and can come to for anything. God has made a huge impact on me more recently because of the blessings he has given me. Since the news I received earlier today, I have felt God’s unconditional love run through my blood. HE is a forgiving God, and the way I feel about him after the miracle that HE has given me today has made me want to seek him out in the greatest ways possible. I want to glorify his name and show him how much I respect what HE has done in my life.

Also, before I am done, I need to mention that this Sunday (January 29, 2012) I will be getting baptized at Pinelake Baptist Church in Clinton. It will be held during the eleven o’clock service. I feel that HE has called upon me to get baptized so that our relationship and my faith will grow stronger.

-Richard Morris

One response to “BLOG: A MC Story of Healing

  1. Awesome testimony Richard. Wonderful to see your Shawreth brothers supporting you. May God continue to work in your life!

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