INTERVIEW: Ms. MC – Katie Boles

Our second and last interview of the Mr. and Ms. MC series comes from Ms. Mississippi College, Katie Boles.

Where are you from?

Born in Jasper, AL; raised in Pineville, LA

What’s your major?

Vocal music major. TESOL minor.

Kari Jobe or Christy Nockels?

Christy Nockels. Every time.

What will you miss most about MC?

Nothing. Okay, I’m kidding. I’ll miss being so close to my friends and being able to make plans on a moment’s notice.

Sum up your MC experience in one word.


Is it true that your really performed with Dave Barnes?

Yes, it sure is. I’m still waiting on him to call me about my job as his background vocalist. So Dave, if you’re reading this…

What’s your favorite snow cone flavor?

Hurricane… Do they have that in Mississippi? It’s red and awesome. (Editor’s Note: Surely it’s not as good as Tiger Blood.)

Where do you stand on the “Oxford Comma” issue?

It’s the best. I’ve always used the optional comma, and I will never change.

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