BLOG: Valentines Day 80’s Prom

So….every year, February 14th comes around. Good ‘ole Valentines Day. For some, it is a day to celebrate their significant other with flowers, chocolates, and cheesy cards. For others, it’s an annoying day that reminds them of their lack of a special someone. This day, also known as Single’s Awareness Day, celebrates love…or the lack thereof.
Good news! To those of you with no date night planned, Campus Activities Board is throwing an 80’s Prom Dance Party! It’s gonna be totally awesome.  Here are the details:
Tuesday, February 14th
9-12 pm.
Jennings Courtyard
Photobooth by none other than Chase Richardson (#lookinchasefeelinchase)
Prom King and Queen will be named!

**Bring any Formal dresses that you have to donate to underpriveleged girls**

Wear your best 80’s prom attire – even if you have to rummage through your grandmother’s closet, borrow
your Mom’s old bridesmaid dress, or your dad’s tacky tie from his high school  years. Incase you’re wondering what to wear, here are some examples from an 80’s prom put on by Kissimee and Swananoa in 2010 – pictures by Casey Stevens.




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