BLOG: Conversation Partners

MC is home to a whole herd of international students. They come from all over. France, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, China. Especially China. A program we offer here is called Conversation Partners. The way it usually works is an American student is assigned a Chinese student to meet with every week. The point is to help the Chinese student become fluent in English. For me, however, it’s a little different. I’m currently taking Chinese 102. In Chinese 102 (中文一白二), I was assigned a Chinese graduate student to help me learn Mandarin Chinese. My partner’s name is Bushuang Yang. She is at Mississippi College to learn to teach. As an American, even more as a Mississippian, I am not good at foreign languages. 我是很不好。 Bushuang is a great teacher, though. She is patient. We’ve only met a couple times, but I can tell it’s going to be an awesome semester. The best thing I’ve learned so far? I can ask a girl to dinner and a movie. 我们吃晚饭,看电影。怎么样?

-Logan/罗南,大学生, 密西西比 人

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