BLOG: Beware of Christians

Have you ever wondered what Christianity was like outside of the South? Have you ever wondered how Christians from other parts of the country live? More importantly, how do people who live outside of the South view Christianity in general? Well a couple of years ago, four college students left their comfortable Christian homes for a summer, and they traveled around Europe to find out what it was really like to follow Jesus and what Christianity was like outside of the Bible Belt. They filmed all of their experiences and made it into a documentary called “Beware of Christians.” In the documentary, they travel through Europe to find out that Jesus isn’t exactly like the American modeled, healthy and wealthy Jesus we often are misled to thinking he is. Instead, they find out that Christianity is much more than what American Christians perceive it to be, and in fact, that American Christianity does not exactly line up with biblical Christianity.

“Beware of Christians” will challenge you, and make you think long and hard about the Jesus you follow. Are you following the Jesus of America or the Jesus of the Bible? This is a hard question to answer, but the good news is that the four college students who made this documentary are coming to Mississippi College on April 17th to help you think through your questions. They will host a Question and Answer session after the viewing. So if you have not seen this film, and even if you have, SPREAD THE WORD! This film is incredibly impacting, and it needs to be seen, especially by college students. So come out on the 17th of April, and watch. For more info on the documentary, or the four college students who made it, go to 

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