Music: Study Music (for more interesting studying)

When I sit down to study (this may shock you), sometimes it’s just not that fun. I have a pretty good remedy though, and it’s to find some awesome music to listen to during the work. So instead of studying, it’s a lot more like you’re jamming out to good music. Explosions in the Sky  is one of my personal go-to study bands. They are awesome background music (If I felt artsy I would describe them as atmospheric). Check out this song “Welcome, Ghosts”, and next time you’re studying, give Explosions in the Sky a spin! Enjoy having fun and also being studious! ( if you pay close attention to the video, you’ll notice it is mirrored. Although it looks like it, all the people in the video are not left handed)

-Kenneth, Telecounselor, MC Student, Junior music lover, and proud owner of a ’97 Toyota Camry

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