BLOG: From Memphis to MC

Around this time last year, I was totally against coming to Mississippi College. You see, I didn’t even know MC existed until around December of my senior year. The only reason I came was because my home pastor is an MC alumnus and he took four of us seniors, all of whom are attending here now, on a road trip to Clinton. At the time, I was completely set on attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. A week after the MC visit with my pastor, my mother, grandmother and I took the long 14 hour drive to Virginia, and needless to say, it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. Upon returning home, my heart’s desire was to be at MC. From that point, my admissions counselor Christy Prichard came to my high school, sat down with me and four other seniors from my high school and talked about coming here. She told us what we needed and the different opportunities we would have. Soon after this encounter, I received a letter and call from MC to attend last year’s Memphis Reception. Oh how I was excited about this! I threw on my clothes and headed with my dearest parents to the 33rd floor of the Clark Tower on Poplar Avenue. Upon arrival, I was given a name and proceeded to sit with a dear friend at a table along with our families.

Soon, I noticed where the food was located and was not about to wait for anybody else to get up and grab a bite to eat. There was a table to the left that was filled with little appetizers, and I thought this was the main course. My friend pointed me to the table to the right and I got up to get to the main course. It was delicious! While I was eating, Christy got up to speak followed by a current student, a math professor, and eventually MC’s President, Dr. Royce. After him, Christy closed it out. We stayed around awhile out of pure excitement to be here and talking about how fast we wished senior year could go by so we could  get down to Clinton, Mississippi. This night was one of the most confirming nights in my college decision process, and after the dinner, I had no doubt MC was exactly where I was supposed to be. I went through the scholarship process, came for a campus visit, and stayed on campus with a new friend. I am now in my second semester here at MC and loving every minute of it. To anyone who reads this and is thinking about attending a banquet in your area, I would without hesitation tell you to do so.

For those from Memphis, your admissions counselor Anna Beasley and I, on behalf of all the other MC Scouts planning to attend, are more than excited to see you there  meet you. Oh, and for all you stressed out high school seniors, here are some verses that helped me in the process: Matthew 6:33-34, James 4:13-17, Proverbs 16:9, and Proverbs 3:5-6. Come be a Chocktaw!

Your favorite Choctawker, @strooploop1

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