BLOG: Light The Way

“For our God is a Consuming Fire.”- Hebrew 12:29

Travel with me into my brain for a second. Check it out.

What does fire do? Well….

–  fire consumes.

– Whatever it touches, it engulfs.

– It purifies.

– It warms.

– It lights up darkness.

Stay with me. If God is a consuming fire, then he should consume our lives. And whatever sin we give up to God, he engulfs. The things that we’ve done to give glory to God (like serving the homeless, holding doors open for people, etc. . .), he purifies. Whenever we sit at Jesus’ feet, he warms us (whenever people get close to you, how close do they have to get before they get warmed up?). And finally, Jesus, uses us as torches, taken from an “All-Consuming Flame”, to light up a dark, dark world.

You guys are my heroes. Stay awesome. Or get more awesome. Either one.

This week, pray like this:

King Jesus, you are an all-consuming fire. And it burns bright. I ask that you teach me to find my strength in you, so that I may be used for your Glory. And your glory is the only thing that matters. Forgive me of when my flame has burned into nothing but an ember. Help me to keep feeding the flame, and giving things up to you, so that you can consume it. I love you, Lord. Amen.

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