BLOG: What’s in Kenneth’s Backpack?

I know all of you are dying to know what’s in the average MC student’s backpack. Well, instead of that you’re going to get to see what is in my backpack! I am a junior at Mississippi college, and I love the stuff that I love; a lot of it ends up in my backpack. In my opinion I have some pretty sweet stuff in the pack, but I’d rather give you the opportunity to decide for yourself.


 First of all, the picture above is me. If you can’t tellI am slightly goofy, also I wear that headband everyday and haven’t gotten a hair cut in over a year. Another thing to notice, I have a beard. Many people think I should shave it, but when you come to college I feel like beards are an accessory item that are acceptable during  your four years of college.

THE backpack

The above item is my awesome backpack. We all know that toy story is awesome, even if we’re too cool to admit that. So it makes perfect sense to use the Buzz Lightyear backpack. I actually bought this backpack for the summer when I worked at Lake Forest Ranch. Surprisingly the Buzz back pack transitions well from camp to college or even camp to kindergarten, perfect for all ages.

My Ministry to Youth and my Hebrew book

It’s Thursday today so that means this morning in my tiredness I traded out books for the classes. Ministry to Youth (which is my favorite class) is actually on Thursdays, Hebrew is a Monday Wednesday Friday class. You win some you lose some.

My Phineas and Ferb spiral and my macbook in it's trusty case

So you get to college and most people feel overwhelmed, but not me. I keep my fun spiral around to lighten the mood and to remind me to have fun. Also, it makes me think about what Perry could actually be up to. The Mac book is super vital to life. It is possible to function without a laptop in college, but  having the laptop ready at all times can be very helpful.

the trusty iPod cord

This is actually my roommate’s iPod chord, he doesn’t know I have it. I used it to put the newest Fun. album that I downloaded yesterday, on to my iPod.

My Purple headphones, they work awesome so I deal with the Purple

If you read any of my other blogs you probably know that I love music. headphones are a key item to listening to music, especially when others are around.

LFR photos cd and a stamp

to put it likely I need to clean out the ole’ backpack. This is a cd that I got at the end of the summer. It has a bunch of picture of my summer at LFR. This other item is a stamp.

Stamps do not get the gametime that they deserve, because of email and and stuff, but this trusty thing can get a letter sent anywhere in the USA.

Candy! and rock things?

So about cleaning out my backpack…..On halloween Dr. Everett gave our Brit. Lit. class candy. It was an awesome day and I secretly stocked up, (did not steal, we could take as much as we want) but I somehow didn’t eat all of it. The result…..four months later the candy is still there. And just a side note, I don’t know what those clear things are, seriously stuff just happens.

R.I.P. mall bought sunglasses

You know the glasses that you throw into your car, and drop all the time? well these are mine.  I bought these sunglasses at the mall in my hometown of Tupelo. They were like $8, but the guy convinced me they were identical to Ray-bans….they weren’t. They got beat up, and have found a permanent living place in my backpack. It’s the least I can do after years of abuse.

Michelangelo and my T-Rex

The two best things in my backpack. My Ninja Turtle and my dinosaur. I put these in my backpack so that when I look into my backpack i see fun stuff, not just work. I bought the dinosaur at dollar general and the Ninja Turtle is a childhood favorite. Every once in a while you need to remember college is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and have a little fun!

I hope that you enjoyed viewing the contents of my backpack. They are far from normal, but very effective. Be yourself and remember that your backpack is yours, don’t fit a sterotype just to be cool, but rather enjoy what’s in your backpack

-Kenneth, Junior Choctalker, music lover, and child at heart

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