BLOG: Spotify

If you’re like me, you probably love music. I love listening to my favorite tunes, but sometimes I need something new. I’m in college so I can’t overload that iTunes bill. Fortunately, I’ve found the solution: Spotify! If you haven’t heard about Spotify, it’s a lot like other online music-streaming websites but with many advantages. Spotify is an app that can be downloaded for free onto any PC or Mac. It’s like having an unlimited iTunes library anytime you’re connected to the internet. It combines some of the cool features of sites like Pandora and Groove-shark and puts them into an application form. Another cool feature for all you iPhone users is Spotify Premium. For $10 a month you can have Spotify on your phone! Unlimited music anywhere you go! You can also send music suggestions to your friends who are on Spotify! If you like music at all you should download it now.   Just click HERE!

Now that you have Spotify, I hope you enjoy exploring a whole new world of free music!

-Junior Choctalker and music lover Kenneth

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