BLOG: True or False?

When you are in high school, you hear all these ideas about what college is going to be like, what to avoid, etc. Well, we decided we would take the time to deal with the ideas about college that keep you up at night.

1. “You won’t have the same friends in college. You won’t even talk to your friends 5 years from now.” As a senior, you either want that to be true because you are seeking a new start in college or you hope that is false because you, like me, love the relationships you have right now and it would be a nightmare to forget about these friends. Unfortunately, there is not a definite yes or no here. It all depends on how intentional you are about keeping the relationships. Just like the ones you have now, true intimacy takes time and effort. It’s really up to you. Do you want to keep your friends from high school? Just know that it is possible.

2. “College kids are broke.” True. Well, it’s true for many college kids. Of course, there are the few cases where the parents still pay for everything, but what fun is that? Trying to get off your parent’s payroll is a worthy pursuit, because it teaches you the value of money. Don’t fret though, many schools have meal plans, unlimited laundry, hot water, etc. But once you add in spring break trips, late night NOLA runs, and a few Chick-fil-a Chicken Sandwiches here and there, you won’t have much money left. Set a hierarchy for what you want to spend your money on. Remember, the majority of the world lives off less than $2 a day, so I think we’ll be okay.

3. “My older sister told me not to room with my best friend.” True and false. Yet again, there is not really a definite answer to this statement. Quick questions to ask though: “Why are we such good friends?” If it is because you have everything in common, living together could be boring. Who wants to live with the same person? And, if you have survived not living together now, you can handle it in college. You’ll live closer anyways.

4. “The Roommate.” False, for the most part. Don’t worry. Most of the time, your admissions counselors will strive to put people together based on who they think will get along, but sometimes of course they make mistakes. However, you can change roommates the next semester. Going potluck for your roommate is a great way to learn how to live with and love on different kinds of people.

5. “Freshman 15.” True. Most of us don’t get home-cooked meals every day at home, so we stick with sandwiches and what not. But when you get to college, there is an overwhelming amount of food available with not as much time for exercise activities. Between the Caf (3 free meals a day), other little coffee shops on campus that have muffins and other little treats, late night Waffle House runs, constant coffee, and sitting and studying, it’s easy to put one some weight. Of course, you can maneuver your schedule to make time for  the gym or to go running. Even cutting back on fast food runs and how much you eat a day can turn that 15 right around! Once again, it’s up to you.

Stay tuned for more!

Your favorite Choctawker, @strooploop1

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