BLOG: How To Be A Good Roommate: Pot-luck or Not

Prospective Students! When you graduate from high school, and head to the world of college, many things will change – including the fact that you will be sharing an 11 x 13 room with another student. Although it can be tough, many students create awesome relationships with their roommates.
Want to know some great ways to be a great roommate? Here is some advice from current students.

1. Be respectful of your roommate’s habits: If you go to bed early, make sure your roommate knows and be flexible with his or her sleep schedule as well. Discuss class times and shower schedule with your roommate. If you like country music, but your roommate likes rap, allow them to have time to listen to their music, and ask them for time to listen to yours. If it is really distracting you, stick some earphones in your ipod and in your ears!

2. Cleanup after yourself! No one likes clothes all over the floor OR toothpaste on the sink OR

3. Communicate: TALK to your roommate. Let them know your conerns in a respectful way and work with them on how to solve them. Ask your roommmate about his or her classes and upcoming tests. A simple “Good luck!” or “See ya later!” can be a huge ice-breaker, and lets your roommate know that you are interested in what is going on in their life.

4. Reach out to them: Write them letters if they are having a bad day. Give them random gifts. Pray for them.

5. Establish Boundaries: Ask your roommate about how much food you two will or will not share, and then be generous with it anyways!

Some advice from your very own Choctawk Staffers:
Andrew: “Tell them bedtime stories”
Kenneth: “Respect the Naptime!”


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