BLOG: David Nail comes to Mississippi College

Spring Fever week has begun!
This is just a fun week for Mississippi College students to hang out and enjoy some on-campus activities.

Monday: Today we had lunch on the quad and free snow cones From SnowBiz!

Tuesday: Tomorrow night is MC’s Annual Film Festival. Film Festival is on the Quad and starts at 7:00. Free popcorn will be served!

Wednesday: David Nail concert at 9:00 in the Bowl! Once again, this concert is FREE. Free = college-students’ favorite.

Thursday: SWERVE Dance competition. Led by students. Performed by Students. Be there. Sadly, this is not free, but if you spent $6 and got some sunglasses for it, you’re probably planning on showing up in Swor Auditorium at 7 pm.

Have a great week, MC students!
Prospective students: Look forward to YOUR college years. Hopefully they will be spent at Mississippi College!

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