BLOG: Datin’ and Stuff

Lets be honest romance can be a bit romanticized. Keeping a steady  relationship can be a challenge. It takes time, money, and energy.Another issue many couples face are the social trends surrounding MC campus life. Sometimes people do find their future husband or wife here at MC, but there are social guidelines that the
“daters” have to follow.  Students stay super busy, so I have compiled 5 do’s and don’ts to help make dating at MC a great experience for you and your friends.

1. Do Spend Time Together– MC is a very busy place so it can be hard to find extra time to spent with your significant other. Making time is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship and it also shows your girlfriend or boyfriend that you really care about them.

  •  Don’t Spend all your Time Together-Friends are very important and neglecting your friends for your girlfriend/boyfriend is not cool (your friends may talk about you behind your back). I know it’s sad, but basically time with friends=them not hating you and your girlfriend/boyfriend. Between schoolwork and campus activities people here at MC stay busy, so balancing all areas of your life is vital.

2. Don’t Kiss in the Caf-Certain forms of PDA are acceptable. Holding hands and the occassional normal hug isn’t going to gross your friends out. Kissing in the Caf is NOT OK. True love waits…to kiss in front of your friends.

  • Do Eat in the Caf-College students are poor. So an occassional Caf date is a great way to spend time together at low costs. Just for everyone else’s sake keep it PG. actual G everyone likes that better.

3. Take Advantage of Olde Town Clinton-The brickstreets are beautiful, and instantly romantic. Day or night they are a great place to hang out. You can go and just sit and talk or walk around and just enjoy a break from the hardwork of the college life.

  • Don’t Ever Make Out in Public, Ever-Just don’t. Ever.

4. Use Dorm Visitation– Every night besides Sunday and Wednesday you can check into dorms of the opposite sex from 8-11pm. It’s a great time to just hang out inside and watch a movie or something. I personally like to invite my girlfriend over and we go to Kroger, redbox a movie and get microwavable food (preferably chicken pot-pies)  and have dinner and a movie in my room.

  • Don’t Sneak into Dorms-just don’t do it. You will get caught and get in trouble. Just stick with normal visiting hours please, totally not worth the risk.

5. Don’t Make Your Friend a Third Wheel-No body likes being a third wheel at all. It is one of the most miserable things to experience. Your friend hugging all on his girl and your just there and you hate it. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS. They will begin to dislike you and after a downward spiral, you might actually end up in a roadside ditch, don’t end up in a roadside ditch. Be kind to your friends.

  • Go into the Metro Area for Dates-We have already established that we are poor, but the occasional real date is awesome. They are some fantastic restaurants in the area such as Julep, Soul-Shine Pizza, and the Mermaid Cafe. There is a plethora of cool coffee shops and just hang out spots all around town, and half the fun is looking them up together and journeying to where you want to go.

So these are just five simple tips for dating at MC. Dating can be a wonderful thing, but it can also but less then ideal. Just do your best. You don’t have to be the best “dater” in the world to have a good relationship. Also, don’t make your friends hate you cause you have a girlfriend or boyfriend…..nobody likes being a third wheel, or watching you kiss. I don’t even like watching people kiss in movies, it’s kinda weird. and also make good choices.

-Kenneth, Choctalker, Junior Music Lover, and future Dr. Phil. also my dad is the lead sing for an Elvis cover band, yeah that’s awesome.

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