BLOG: 20 Things in 20 Minutes

After a stressful week packed with work and school, free time can appear to be a precious rarity. But once you find yourself with spare moments to yourself, more often than not it seems to quickly become a torturous eternity of boredom with nothing to do. Instead of twiddling your thumbs or aggressively eyeing your barely-ticking clock, try out one of these ideas to productively pass some time  and enjoy yourself without going insane!

1. Draw a picture. Whether it’s something right in front of you, random doodles, or a dinosaur riding a rocket launcher, drawing is a great way to kill time and let your creative juices flow.

2. Cook something! This is obviously much easier if you live off campus, but the challenge of cooking in the dorm is half the fun. Check out this site for a pretty massive collection of easy recipes that would make Mary Nelson proud.

3. Find an old T-shirt or white V-neck and give it a makeover. Pens, bleach, paint, and scissors = countless options to create! Even if it looks terrible afterwards, destruction is pretty fun.

4. Write a letter. Vintage is cool these days, and a handwritten letter will definitely bring a smile to someone’s face.

5. Photoshop pictures of your friends onto animals! If you’re not gifted in the technology department, just play on FACEinHOLE. But be warned… it can be addicting.

6. Go on a walk. Mississippi College has a breathtaking campus and there are quite a few fun shops in Old Towne Clinton to explore. If you don’t mind driving to get there, the Nature Center, Butte’s Park, and Natchez Trace all have great trails!

7. Play Draw Something! Temple Run is SO last semester. This Pictionary-esque game, free for both Android and iPhone users, has taken the college world by storm and is sure to be a fun way to kill time.

8. Do yoga. Or stretch! Both of these activities increase flexibility, relieve stress and anxiety, and help tone your muscles.

9. Go to Hulu -without all the excessive commercials from live TV,  most half-hour comedies end up being about 22 minutes long.

10. Do you consider yourself an 80s teen movie expert, or perhaps a geography connoisseur? Play some trivia games on Sporcle and test your useless knowledge! My friends and I once spent a solid hour trying to name the Eastern European countries and their capitals. (We know how to have a good time.)

11. Read a book. Not only will it help boost your creativity and brain activity, reading also provides a necessary break from the stresses of reality. Visit What Should I Read Next? for suggestions of books that you might enjoy!

12. Clean out your bag. My purse has its own fragile ecosystem of junk, and I’m honestly too terrified to brave cleaning out my bookbag (I’ll have to save that for a deep cleaning afternoon). Even though it seems like a small change, you’ll be amazed at how freeing a clean bag can feel!

13. Journal. You may not have a future as the next Jane Austen or William Shakespeare, but writing your thoughts for just a few minutes every day can be very cathartic. It’ll also be nice years down the road, since you’ll be able to look back and reminisce on events and feelings you may not have remembered otherwise.

14. Blog. If you DO see yourself as the Next Big Writer, or at least think you have ideas people might actually enjoy, start up a blog and share your thoughts with the world! WordPress is free, easy, and the MC Choctawk blog client of choice 🙂

15. Find old yearbooks and laugh at yourself. We’ve all come a long way since elementary school… Did you REALLY think those floral overalls were cute? Really?

16. Take a bath. I’m not talking a quick shower – get out the bubble bath, find your favorite rubber ducky, and get some Michael Buble ready to blare, because you deserve a few moments of relaxation!

17. Phone a friend! With your newly discovered free time, you can work on developing relationships and have some quality conversation (and hopefully some good laughs!) College students especially should do this more often. I know I’m awful at keeping in touch, and it always makes my day when friends back home call just to chat and see how I’m doing.

18. Splatter paint a canvas. Even those without a single creative bone in their body can make some decent splatter art – all you need is a tarp, canvas, paint, and some pent up aggression or excitement!

19. Take a nap. So it’s not the most productive thing in the world, but let’s be honest… They wouldn’t have required naptime in kindergarten unless it was important!

20. Spend some alone time with Jesus. Pray, meditate, read the Bible – any and all of these things will strengthen your Christian walk and bring a lot more relaxation and confidence  into your life.

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