BLOG: 3 Fun Things to do in the Dark

Our campus recently experienced a power outage during a storm. Because it was supper time, my friends and I went off campus to a place we rarely go in the daylight: Taco Bell. Upon returning back to campus, I wondered what fun (and probably not very productive) things I could have done with the lights out. After hours of tireless brainstorming, I’ve come up with three fun things to do with the power off.

1. Read – You have to get creative to read in the dark. Candles aren’t allowed in the dorm. I recommend investing in a head lamp. Picture yourself reading a scary story under a blanket with your flashlight. It’s everything your six-year-old bookworm self could dream of.

2. Tell Scary Stories – This works best with girls around. Not saying that girls are more easily frightened. Just basing it on my experience. Aim that flashlight up your face and make the Midnight Society proud.

3. Have a  Miracle Berry Tasting Party – As previously reported, Miracle Berries make sour things taste sweet. Order a pack of these things and keep them handy. Round up your friends and take turns eating lemons and Miracle Berries!

Bonus: Take a friend snipe hunting. It’s sure to make for an unforgettable memory.

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