BLOG: MC’s Hunger Games

I am pretty sure everyone is well aware of what happened a few weeks ago on March 22nd. Yes, I am talking about the premier of the Hunger Games, what else would I be talking about? After reading all three of the books, I can definetly say I am a huge fan of the fictional series written by Suzanne Collins. The books grew so popular that on March 22nd that the midnight premier was not the talk of the campus. On the contrary, the real life “Hunger Games” taking place on our very own campus of Mississippi College took center stage.

The fictional games have definetly made its name known on the MC campus so much so that they made “the games” a reality. Two weeks ago Mississippi College had their annual Derby week, which is a fun filled week full of competative activities between MC’s social clubs and tribes. The purpose of this week is to raise money for our social clubs and tribes, but most importantly to raise awareness and funds for a local food pantry. This year our MC Inner-Tribal commitee incorporated Thursday’s derby week event with their own Mississippi College version of the “Hunger Games.” Our version of the games included hundreds of canned goods, one representative for each club and tribe, and of course the Capitol. Each social club and tribe were responsible for supplying as many canned goods as they could to be put  in their guarded stash.

 The games were unlike any that have ever been described. They took place not in a barron desert land or in a lush forest but on a Piazza. Each club and tribe had their table stacked with their supplied cans and the goal was to not only keep guard of their own stash, but to also end the games with the most cans. Like that of the “Hunger Games” book, our own MC Capitol was totally in charge and took every advantage of making the club tributes come in contact with one another. They gave individual tributes tasks such as giving another tribute a certain amount of cans and they also gave group task. The Capitol’s task that resulted in the most uprising amongst the tributes was musical table. The Capitol played music and all the tributes walked in a circle from table to table. When the music stopped whatever table of cans a tribute landed on was their new stash. The tributes had the choice of stealing from other tables but that left them risking their own cans. After 8 hours of intense games the Capital ended the games before the tributes could succesfully revolt against them.

Needless to say, it was awesome.


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