BLOG: Unclaimed Baggage

If you’re anything like me, a poor college student always looking for the best deals on really anything, I have found a new spot!

Twice this week I have heard about this Unclaimed Baggage Center found in Scottsboro, Alabama. After “Googling” it I learned that this genius idea first started in 1970, and since then thousands of people have taken advantage of finding designer items for super cheap. The concept of the Unclaimed Baggage Center is exactly what it sounds like. It is literally unclaimed baggage from bus and air lines resold to excited shoppers. I learned that 99.5% of baggage from airlines is claimed by its owner, but that 1/2 of that last 1% of unclaimed baggage is never found by its owner. Therefore, the Unclaimed Baggage Center is in existence.

The best thing about unclaimed baggage is that it is mostly everyones’ best stuff.  Nobody takes their old, holey clothing. They take their brand new Jimmy Choo shoes or their DKNY watches. That’s why everyone calls this Unclaimed Baggage Center a treasure center. Its motto is, “You never know what you’ll find” because it has a wide variety of awesome items. All items found are sorted through, heavily cleaned, appraised, and then appropriatly priced.  But in our favor many of these high designer items are priced extremely low. My dear friend and fellow co-worker Dillon Stroope found a brand new Louis Vuitton  wallet originally priced for $300.00, but Unclaimed Baggage sold it to him for an extremely low price of $8.00. This is just one example of the amazing deals one could find at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. All this to say, if you have 6 bucks and want to go on a treasure hunt this is the place to be!

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