BLOG: London

London 2012:

Home of the Summer Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, World Shakespeare Festival and 23 MC study abroad students.

Recently, this group of 23 “Londoners” arrived home after a long semester abroad.  As one of those “Londoners” I would like to tell you a little something about our big city adventure… err.. semester.

Preparations began a year in advance for our London semester.  Applications and references were sent in, and long convincing talks were had with parents.  Spring 2011 was a spring of convincing adults that I am responsible enough, capable enough, and smart enough.  Thankfully, I was accepted into the program and my parents agreed to let me go.

We packed and took -off not really knowing what was in store.

What we quickly found out is that a semester in London is a lot like a semester in Clinton.  Everyday we attended classes.  The twist is that most of these classes included a museum visit, walking tour of the city, or even a trip to the theatre.

As London is an academic program, we spent the majority of our time learning.  However, just like in Clinton, weekends were a time to play and take trips!  Weekends in the UK provided plenty of time to see the sites outside of the city and to experience even more of life in England.

Through a semester abroad in London, I gained a lot of academic knowledge, cultural experiences and self-sufficiency.  Again, just like in Clinton where I have an MC family, I gained a London family, and that is something to really treasure.

“Londoner” and Choctawk Staffer,


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