BLOG: New Additions

Things are changing like crazy around here! The Fall ’12 semester is going to be a semester like no other!

Here is the breakdown of the  breakdowns. See what I did there? (breakdowns = construction/demolition)

We are getting a new bookstore! For years the bookstore has been in Alumni Hall, but they will be moving down to the Brick Streets. Along with the bookstore the new building will house a campus eatery (students can use their points!) and coffee shop as well as lofts for graduate students to live in. A new student hangout spot will be in the old bookstore, kind of like a student union. That’s cool right?

Hederman Science Building is getting an add on. Don’t think that its just an additional room, its a huge building! This new building with house new research labs, classrooms, and a cadaver lab. No other undergraduate school around here has a cadaver lab.  That is kind of impressive. Our Biology department is booming!

Parking has not always been awesome on our beautiful campus, but hold fast because we are getting a parking garage! Due to the record breaking enrollment this past year, we’ve had more people than ever on campus! As we continue to grow, we will continue to have parking spots.

Even though we love Latt-Webb and have had some incredible memories there, she is due for a face lift. According to my sources, renovations on Latt-Webb include changes to the lobby, new study rooms, and complete bathroom renovations.

Those are the only things that I can think of at the moment. If there is anything else new that’s coming to campus, I’ll let you know!

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