BLOG: YOLO #trendytitle #bandwagon

We all know what it stands for. You only live once.

Why are we so concerned as a culture about living it up before life is over? Are we that concerned about making the most of everyday because it might be our last? We trade “yeah, let’s have fun and do stupid stuff!!!” for “YOLO!”.

Our generation is all about some fun. Our Spring Break trips bring in more people than any Wall Street protest, and our shows consist of overly tan people fist pumping. In all of this there is a huge part of the picture missing. It begs the question “where are the Christians?” Are we too “in-tune” with our culture? Or are we so far removed from our culture that we are hiding in our little circle to the side?

There are significant reasons why Christians should embrace YOLO.  Without the hope of eternal life, why not live every day the way you want? As Christians, we should embrace YOLO because we know we only have one life to impact the lives of the lost. We only have one life to share the Gospel and proclaim the saving power of Jesus Christ. The truly sad fact is that many “Christians” live the same way as the unsaved people around them. They say they have been set free from sin, but live in it just the same. How can people believe that we have a risen Savior who set us free from our sin and death if our lifestyle is unchanged? In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he says, “Imitate God in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ” (Ephesians 5:1-2). He also says in Romans 6 that we have been set free from the power of sin and that we are no longer slaves to sin. We have something to rejoice about! Faith is life changing!

My challenge is that we would embrace YOLO. We only have one life to impact this lost and dying world. Without faith in Jesus Christ, unbelievers will spend an eternity separated from God. We have the best news in the world. We know the love of the Father. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Live life with unbelievers. Jesus hung out with sinners, but he never compromised. He loved people and He teaches that we should love. We are not called to be isolationist or conformists, but to be a light to the world. How can the light be seen if it is hidden under a basket? Live a life worthy of your calling. Share the gospel with people.  YOLO!


3 responses to “BLOG: YOLO #trendytitle #bandwagon

  1. Matt,
    One word…AWESOME! Keep on letting God lead and guide your every footstep! YOLO!!!!!!!

    Love and Prayers

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