BLOG: Bare feet, hot dogs, and high dives- A Southern Summer

Many high school seniors have finally graduated and are entering into one of the greatest summers ever. As we all know, the summer is full of vacations, parties, and tons of swimming. There are always things to do on the weekends, but what about the down time? I remember waking up at noon, eating “breakfast”, and sitting on the couch with no intention of moving. No amount of Rocket Pops could cure my boredom, and I was completely lost once I finished LOST. What could I possibly do with hardly any money and more time than I could handle?! I’m sure you have asked the same question and here is your answer!

This summer can be an awesome time of adventure. You just need to get off the couch, put on your adventure pants, and walk out the door. Here are some ideas to keep your summer exciting 24/7!

1. Bare Feet

The summer is a wonderful time to go outside and experience the great outdoors. Press pause on Modern Warfare 3 and log off of Facebook. Take off your shoes and go for a hike!

Photo by Matt Flinn

God made some awesome places that are literally right outside your door. Forget National Geographic! You have green grass, caterpillars, butterflies, rolling hills, and a big blue sky waiting to be discovered. Nothing cures summer boredom like a picnic, fresh air, and a hike with friends! The Natchez Trace is one of many beautiful destinations with hiking trails. These places are free and barefoot friendly. Take a swimsuit in case you find a cool pond and even pack a fishing pole to catch the bass of the century. You never know when you will find a relaxing spot to fish. Bring along some friends and invite that guy or girl you have been crushing on. Who knows, you may even find the coveted “summer love” on your hike.

2. Hot Dogs

This summer can also be a great time to serve your community. There are plenty of easy ways to make a difference in your town and leave the boredom in the dust. Some easy ways to serve are: volunteering at a homeless shelter, hanging out with people at a nursing home, or volunteering at a youth program. One way I am serving the community this summer is by grilling hot dogs with my friends at a homeless park. You may live in a metro area and have a homeless park or area where you could serve. There are many great ways to spend the boring hours of the day. Why not use those hours to make a difference? Volunteer somewhere and meet needs while sharing the gospel.
3. High Dives

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Sandlot. Those guys were my idols and they showed me that there is nothing better than a summer filled with baseball, swimming, and getting into trouble. My summers never consisted of getting kissed by a lifeguard, but I do think I had gills at one point. This summer you should get out of the house and find a pool or a lake. Grab some friends and head outside. Soak up some rays and have a cannon ball contest with your buddies! We are never too old to make a belly flop or show off our swan dive and accidentally lose our trunks (ex that last part and tie your trunks on tight).  The summertime was made for sun screen and getting prunny in the pool. Grab some charcoal and burgers and have a grilling fiesta! Nothing tastes better than a slightly soggy burger with a hint of chlorine. Am I right or am I right? This summer can be a lot of fun. Use this time to make some lasting memories with friends.  Sit back, relax, and open a cold bottle of soda. Jump off the high dive and straight into an awesome summer. 🙂


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