BLOG; Find Faith, Find your Future, BRING your Family.

Orientation is rapidly approaching, and you’re all packed and ready to go. Even better than that, Mom and Dad are all packed and ready to go too!!

MC Orientation is a great time for students to check out your new school, but it is also a great opportunity for Mom and Dad to get pumped about sending you to this new school.

In order to ensure their utmost happiness on this Orientation adventure, (and as a by product, your utmost happiness) give them something to be excited about. Here is some information about orientation and extra things for you and your family to enjoy.

We have some suggestions and some local things to do:

1.  Have a nice place for them to stay in Clinton for the night.  Don’t forget that the Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn offer discounts to MC visitors!

2.  Let them know ahead of time about the $30.00 guest fee for this overnight event.

3.  At Orientation, Dinner will be provided for you and your parents, followed by an information session that every Mom and Dad will be thrilled about. All of those questions they have been asking you throughout the application process will finally be answered!

4.  Set them up with some fun things to do after dinner while you go meet your new college friends.  Here are some great “after dinner” things to do around Clinton. (Most of these places close at 9pm.)

  • Yogn Fruit: This is the new hip place in town to curb your frozen yogurt appetite. It is reasonably priced and pay-by-the-ounce, but be careful because you will find yourself going back for more!
  • Starbucks: You know the drill here.  Order your favorite Fappe or Latte to top off a great dinner.
  • Bops: Try some Frozen Custard at this quaint ice cream place.  (The “Snappy Turtle” is a personal favorite.)
  • Cups: What a neat place to have good conversations and a great cup of coffee. It’s only a short walk from campus too!
  • United Artists Movie Theatre: Check out new releases in Clinton’s local movie theatre and look forward to student discounts there!
  • Bowling Alley: Be sure to tell Dad to pack his bowling shoes, our bowling alley is affordable and always a great time.

5.  Be sure to tell them about the Continental Breakfast offered in Anderson followed by a session geared toward parents.

6.  Take them to a nice lunch at 12pm in the Food Court, (a.k.a. The Caf) and swap stories about the first of many great weekends at Mississippi College!

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