Makin’ Friends, Makin’ Memories.

Friendships are one of the few things that can last a lifetime.  I am not promising that you will make any life-long friendships during Orientation, but with the right tools and a smidgen of serendipity, it can happen.

Your Orientation prep team is here to offer those tools once again:

  • First of  all, come with confidence.  Orientation is created for your enjoyment. So enjoy it!  There will be an awesome band, great food and other incoming students just like you.
  • Don’t over do it with the wardrobe choices.  Be confident in what you are wearing and that will make you completely approachable.  Who couldn’t love you in your favorite shirt?
  • I know your mom always told you not to talk to strangers.  But let’s face it, you might have to at some point, and what an excellent time to start!
  • It is okay to stick to people you know from high school, however you might miss out on getting to know some really awesome people and setting up a solid foundation for the fall semester.
  • If all else fails, find your admissions counselor or your orientation leader.  They are very skilled at making people feel comfortable and will know other incoming students to introduce you to.

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