BLOG: The Road To Orientation… And the Parking.

So you have tied one of those loose ends in the admissions process and registered on Mississippi College’s Orientation page. Congrats! You are on the road to MC!

Here are the ins and outs of where to park, where to check in, and how to get your motorized vehicle all around campus.

First, check in begins in front of the dorms:

Crestman: your new home away from home.

New Womens East Tower

Of course you are welcome to park wherever your heart desires, but here is what we would suggest:

Men: the best place for you to park will be behind your dorm, there is a great parking lot referred to around here as the commuter lot.  It is located on Capitol Street.

Suggested Parking Lot for the Men during Orientation.

Located on the corner of Capitol Street and College Street.

Ladies: you will be parking across campus on McLemore Drive (the Loop) and in front of the men’s dorm Whittington Hall.

Parking for Ladies is on the “Loop” which wraps around East Tower.

Continuation of the “Loop” (McLemore Drive) and to the right of the “loop” is another lot for the ladies in front of Whittington Hall.

Check out this map for a little more detail of the campus and parking lots.

Can’t wait to see you on campus. Don’t hesitate to call our admission office with any questions at 1-800-738-1236.

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