BLOG: Summer Solstice

Usually we do not post twice in one day. However, seeing as today is the first, official day of summer, we thought we would make an exception. Here are some things that put us in summer-time mode. Read and Enjoy Summer.

Sunshine.  Ice Cream. Late night Sonic runs. MC Orientation. Tank Tops. Flip Flops. Cut off Jorts. Watermelon. Popsicles. Swimming. Tans. Unlimited Free Time.  Sleeping Late. Bare feet.  Movie Nights.  Shopping. Amusement Parks. Movie marathons. Throwing frisbee. Volleyball. Polaroid skies. Backyard string lights. Flip flops. Carnival food. Lemonade. Barbecues. Vintage sunglasses. Roller coasters. Fireworks. Sunshine. Walking dogs. Summer camp. Skipping rocks. Going to the lake. Jet skiing. Family reunions. Sunsets. Fireflies. Car jamming. Music.

Oh yeah.. up here, we’re a fan of summertime.

By the way, 1/2 off all shakes at Sonic today!! 🙂

Photos and Blog by: Michelle, Bethany, and Taylor

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