BLOG: DIY Dorm Ideas

Here’s some cool (and *cheap!*) ways to conveniently accessorize and dress up your dorm room this fall.

This first DIY project I’ve recently done myself! Every time I would go for some dangly earrings or a necklace, I had to spend 5-10 minutes sorting through everything in order to find what I was looking for. I wanted a cheap and easy solution, and cutlery trays did just that.

This is just an expandable bamboo cutlery tray you can pick up from Wal*Mart for $8!

Thanks to a blog from Pinterest, I knew to hot glue the expandable sections on the backside to keep them open and in place. The bamboo will require several coats of paint. (I did mine in white!) After the painting was done, I Mod-Podged scrapbook paper to the sections &  sprayed sealer over the whole thing. I attached a couple of sawtooth picture hangers to the back with the tiniest of nails and hot glued decorative pegs from Hobby Lobby to the front.

And voila! Your very own & unique jewelry organizer, which I plan on putting up against my bathroom wall in New Women’s West using Command strips. (No nails in the walls of your dorm!)

To save some counter space, (if you’re living in New Women’s East or West) here are two very easy and cool ideas to store hairsprays, mousse, etc.

All this is are two plates with a candle stick hot glued in between them! A cute and classy way to store all of your moisturizers, soaps, and more.

You can also purchase some spice racks from Target or Wal*Mart and hang them above your counter on the wall using Command strips. You could even paint them a fun color to match your dorm room decor!

Peace and love! Happy dorming 🙂

Much love,

One response to “BLOG: DIY Dorm Ideas

  1. Those are some very creative suggestions! Thanks! I might even try those IF (and that’s a BIG if) I get admitted into MC! Thanks for sharing that with me!

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